Hyperion Wines of Matakana - New Zealand

Hyperion's autumn radiance

Wine is perhaps one of the best things mankind has ever created. With wine, every party you will have ever attended is livelier for sure. It’s not called a party without bottles of wine flowing from the bar. You can say wines are must-haves in every party may it be normal get-together parties or engagement parties. You might think that any wine will do but this is where you are mistaken. There are good wines and there are bad wines as well. It is for this reason why you must be careful in choosing your drink. Choosing the wrong one could ruin a great party. For this, you must only purchase wines from the world’s most trusted wineries and one of them is Hyperion Wines. Do not take the risk of buying second-class wines. Buy the best ones you can see. For bigger parties, you can even avail for an asos promo code to lessen your expenses.

Hyperion in Greek mythology was the Sun God, hence the effect of sun and light on the vineyard.

Hyperion Wines is a genuine boutique vineyard and winery producing traditionally crafted wines exclusively from the Matakana winegrowing region, just an hour north of Auckland New Zealand.

The tiny home vineyard is planted in classic grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Pinot Noir with all fruit processed on site in a character converted cowshed. Wines include
Bordeaux straight varietals and blends, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Rose, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay.
Port and Grappa are also made on the premises, the latter in conjunction with Castle Matakana.

Winemaker John Crone, is ex the computer industry with a degree in Chemical Engineering and set up the Hyperion operation with his wife Jill in 1994.

Our winemaking philosophy is to intervene as little as possible in the natural process. This results in wines that reflect each vintage in an individual way. It is said that making a wine is an art. It takes skills and a lot of patience to make an outstanding wine. You have to know the right formula to make the wine not too sweet and not too bitter. Fresh grapes should be clean and picked fresh to start making the wine. Adding the perfect amount of wine yeast is also essential in fermenting the wine. Also, you have to airlock the barrel or the container where you ferment your wine. If the solution is exposed to air, it will become vinegar and cannot be used as a wine. You have to be very meticulous in making wine. Remember that making wine, sometimes takes a lot of years, so patience is a must. There are a lot of website which will let you choose which wine and what year it was made, try online shopping sites india.

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In 1998, an outstanding vintage year, the first vintage of Hyperion "Gaia" Merlot won a Gold Medal & Trophy in the 'Merlot Predominant' category in the Easter Show 2000. This 100% Merlot was rated 96/100 and top Australasian Merlot by Australian wine guru, James Halliday in 2001.
Our top wine "the Titan", made from some of the oldest vines in Matakana, has also achieved considerable success.
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