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Newly Updated for 2016: The most comprehensive review of the Document Management market for legal.
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NEW RELEASE: The most current and comprehensive review of the e-billing and matter management market.
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2016 IP Operations Survey

The annual feedback survey about IP Operations, including investment, values and priorities in IP Management capabilities.
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The landmark MarketView Report for legal BPM solutions, including New Business Intake and practice automation.

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“We bring clarity
to the legal profession about the trends and solutions
that drive the use and adoption of technology.”

Beyond Consulting - Unparalleled Legal Industry Expertise

We offer insight and expertise not available anywhere else. We continuously track the latest trends, opportunities and solutions in legal technology. We are not generalists in IT, but true legal experts with hands-on experience gained from working with the world’s leading law firms, corporate law departments and solution providers.

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Trusted Advisors—
Our Clients’ Most Critical IT Decisions

Our clients span the broad spectrum of market stakeholders. From the AmLaw 100 and Global 1000, to small- and medium-size firms and corporate law departments, our clients rely on us to inform their most critical technology decisions. We also advise and work closely with solution providers, including software vendors, professional service groups and consultants, to maximize their market effectiveness. By positively engaging all market participants, we gain a deep understanding of all dimensions and perspectives.

Deep Industry Knowledge—
Our Research Agenda and Segments

The heart of Hyperion Research is our research agenda. We provide the most comprehensive collection of analysis, opinion and advice for all legal technology constituents.

Rigorous Standards—
Objective, Independent and Reliable

The rigor and structure of our research gives our clients the confidence they need to rely on our opinions and advice. Our approach and methodologies are proprietary and proven. Our long-standing and carefully honed tools were developed specifically to meet our needs and requirements—and our clients’ highest expectations.


Our Research and Advisory Programs Influence The World's Leading Legal Operations Initiatives!



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